Saturday, December 4, 2010

Naga Viper Chile-fact or Fiction

So why do I question this new Naga Viper Chile Heat record! First of all to make a 3 way strain like the Naga Viper we are looking at 6-10 yrs minimum. Gerald Fowler did not even know about Scorpions that far back. So first deception is this super hybrid. Second heat and dryness produce a stressed pepper that will have a higher heat rating. Gerald has a Greenhouse in Cumbria that is not climate controlled. Cumbria,UK is cool and wet even during summer. So not likely to produce an increase in heat. So how can he produce it?? Warwick is not a lab that is advanced in Capsaicin science. So could they spot something wrong when all they are testing for is heat?

So what are the ideal conditions for getting highest heat? The Southwest of course. Even native Trinidad will not produce the highest heat. Why? Too much humidity and rain. Happy peppers like that and will produce less pungency. Stressed peppers produce more pungency! So follow along with me on this. One of the foremost experts in North America in the Capsaicin industry is testing all of my peppers. I mean all! Nagas, Bhuts, 7 Pots, Scorpions, Devils Tongue etc. Sorry no Frankenstein Hybrids like the Naga Viper! Just plain old open-pollinated peppers we can all grow in our own yard. Testing will still be a few more months. I wanted to know where all the really hot peppers stand. And all were grown in the Southwest!

So wait for the results because soon you will know if Devil's Tongue is as hot as Yellow Bhut and so on. It will all be on my site. So be patient. Oh by the way it will be verified by Third Party testing and that testing will be from someone expert in Capsaicin with credibility. So questions you may ask yourself. How did Gerald Fowler create a Naga Viper Hybrid species years faster than an experienced Botanist? And where is the results from the Independent lab that knows Capsaicin to verify Gerald Fowler's scientific claim? Questions need to be answered before a Scientific record is awarded. I think we all can agree on that!

Yours Truly

Jim Duffy

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